Word from the Program Directors

Hair Restoration has come from the realms of Punch Hair Transplant to FUT-strip and now FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). And India has been catching up with the world in taking the torch of FUE hair transplant forward. North India has in fact become a hub of the FUE Hair Transplant Industry in the past couple of years.

With the increase in the demand for the surgery, the need for a proper education of Hair transplant has also arisen. And what can be better than a program to learn FUE from many who have contributed to the development of FUE. It is in fact for the first time that a ISHRS Regional Workshop is being held in India.

The program will comprise of didactic lectures covering all the aspects from the basics to different techniques to complications of FUE. In this program, you will get an opportunity to go in the Operating Room and see how the faculty create magic on the patients. A special highlight of the program will be “ Breakfast with the Experts” in which you can discuss one to one with the Faculty. After having observed, discussed and seen all the facets of FUE, you will get a chance to learn the finer points by practicing extraction on the Models in the presence of the Teachers.

After having toiled for three days, you will also get an opportunity to see the “ Dilli – Dil Waalon Ki” i.e the Capital of India, New Delhi through a half day sight seeing tour and to be at the One of the Seven Wonders of the world, The Taj Mahal in Agra, the next day.

Looking forward to your full participation in this academic gala !!!

Dr. Kapil Dua & Dr. Aman Dua

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